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What is Cyber Security

The practice of cybersecurity involves the protection of critical systems and sensitive information from cyberattacks. The concept of cybersecurity, which can also be referred to as IT security, is meant to protect networked systems and applications from threats.

In order to keep computers, networks, programs, and data safe, one must employ multiple layers of protection. In order to create an effective defence against cyber attacks, people, processes, and technology all need to work together.

Why is cyber security important?

Today, with self-driving cars, the internet, and home security systems, cybercrime is a greater threat than ever. It is impossible to imagine modern life without computers, smartphones, and the internet. With online banking, shopping, email, and social media, it is more important than ever to take steps to protect our accounts, data, and devices from cybercriminals.

What types of Cyber Security Jobs are there?

IT Security Administrator
They are responsible for maintaining the network security system and overseeing the daily operation of that system.

IT Security Engineer
As part of this job, engineers are dealing with potentially catastrophic issues related to security systems.

Information Security Analyst
An ISA’s job is to protect an organisation’s computer systems and network from cyber threats.

IT Security Manager
This role manages an organization’s IT security from devising imaginative security solutions to implementing policies and training procedures.

Penetration Tester
Penetration testers probe for and exploit security vulnerabilities in web-based applications, networks and systems.

IT Security Architect
This position is responsible for establishing and maintaining the organisation’s network security.

Chief Information Security Officer
CISO is an executive level position. Their job is to run the general operations of an organisation’s IT security division. This role has several duties and tasks, some of them are: